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    Ballast and accessories

    Ceintures marseillaises, accroche poisson, anneaux de ceinture, plombs de ceinture, plombs de cheville

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    Allows you to maintain your weight belt to prevent it from hitting the kidneys during the «duck dive»

    20,10 €

    The ankle weights improve comfort for underwater hunters.

    44,00 €

    Releasable belt lead to quickly change its weight or to anchor a board or a buoy

    25,40 €

    Belt «Marseillaise» rubber belt heavy duty. Heat sealing of the belt at the buckle, avoid riveting

    36,30 €

    Marseillaise» weight belt. 316L stainless steel buckle. Buckle pin which straightens naturally to favor the quick release if necessary

    44,00 €

    Fish stringer, stylet inox, mono-fil nylon black, sleeves protected with heat shrinkable cover

    11,50 €

    Stainless steel weight belt hanger with D-ring

    9,90 €

    Nylon pocket with plastic clips to stuff a weight inside

    7,90 €
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    Showing 1 - 12 of 13 items